I haven't been blogging here for much too long...

we are working on a website with a fresh blog and new work

in the meanwhile you can follow me on instagram and pinterest

hope to see you there, bye!

preparing tomorrow's coffeeshoot

source dope stuffkirstie van noort and tassike

both so lovely

gold triangle necklace via bodie and fou

some images of our latest project 
about embracing the art of authentic crafts 

simply slow

ceramics, linen, greytones
love it

image via 4th-market and (d)store

hello classy sunday

cutlery by mieke cuppentable by david derksen, image by kathrin koschitzki

sorry, source unknown but irresistible

light bulb - and socket - moulded in phosphorescent plaster
maison martin margiela
who else...


1. unstatedstatements (photography by jitske hagens)
2. construction blocks (source unknown)
3. zigzag chair 

beautiful graphic design by julie joliat

thanks julie for writing me an email 
with a link to your new agenda collection!

packed and ready 
for a little trip to belgium

image via convoy

paper, pieces and porcelain

images via gotasolviento 
and svpply

not too perfect part 2

set design by wars 
for hixsept

not too perfect

1. painted door via coffeeklatch
2. porcelain vases by kirsten coelho


1. dining chair | studio wm.
2. bag | ontwerpduo via bijzondermooi
3. watering can | via terrain 
4. knit stool | claire-ann o'brien

countdown to summer
sandals from n.d.c.